3rd Birthday Princess Party Theme

Isabella's 3rd Birthday party had a Princess theme.  Surprise, surprise... she's a girl, she's 3, she loves Disney Princesses.  She loves to act out the stories, recruiting willing family members to play the all the parts.  "No...you need to ride in on the horse please."  "You are Prince Phillip, Grandma Cookie is the Queen, I am Aurora" 
She waves her magic wand
Sarah's Mom and Dad really wanted to keep things simple this year.  They served sandwiches, salads and fruit which was perfect for a hot day. We used her Birthday Banner again this year.  (see last year's post)  It has become a nice tradition to use it every year (well, so far - until she reaches that age where it will look too "pretty"  :)
Fruit on Fairy Wand skewers made by Aunt Karen
Favor Bags
 The paper bags with handles that were decorated with Disney Princess Stickers were a hit. A few of the guests continued to call themselves a Prince or Princess after they went home.  Of course everyone got a Glittery Star Wand to create their own magic!
Star Wands from Oriental Trading Co
I decorated with Pom Pom's made from tissue paper and ribbons.  They looked so pretty as a chandelier in the center of the tent. Inexpensive and easy to make too.
Pom Poms hanging inside tent and out.
 The left over scraps of tissue paper tucked into a pink glass bowl and topped with a plastic tiara and jewels worked out great for the inside table centerpiece.
I twisted two squares of tissue together at a time and tucked them in the holes along the edge of the bowl.

For the tables under the tent I used the cases from our Disney VHS tapes, (I guess they're Vintage now)  pom poms, a tiara and a Star Wand.
Close up of the centerpiece and a vintage VHS case.
Prince Cooper peeking from behind a centerpiece.  Isabella cuddles with Suzanne while waking up from her nap.
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