Easter Egg Tree - Recycle last year's plastic eggs

Here's a fun project that uses the plastic eggs left over after Easter.  The candy's gone, you're tired of picking them up off of the floor and you know you'll want new, shiny and clean ones next year.  Gather up all the pieces and make ornaments for an outdoor Easter Egg Tree!
Larry and Elena's Easter Egg Tree - Cindy Rippe Art in Entertaining
I took this picture of my Brother and Sister In-Law's tree yesterday when we took Isabella by for a visit to "my Uncle Larry".  We always enjoy their Holiday Decorations and beautiful yard.

To make the Easter Egg ornaments for your own tree. You need a needle nosed pliers, wire that's thick enough to stay straight, yet easy to bend by hand and a thick needle or old ice pick and some glue.

Separate the eggs. 
1 - Heat the point of the needle (that you are holding with the pliers) over an open flame for a few seconds and press through the top of the egg to create a hole large enough for the wire to go through.
   - After you test the size, finish making all the holes.
   - Note: If you have a high speed Dremel drill that would work too.

2 - Cut the wire to 12" lengths. (or whatever length you'd like for your type of tree or bushes)

3 - Thread one end of the wire through the hole far enough to easily work on the tip.
   - Use the pliers to twist the end of the wire into a loop large enough to prevent it from slipping back out.     

4 - Bend the other end of the wire into a 2 inch loop and twist it to secure.  (see photo below)

5 - Add a touch of Aleene's Original Tacky Glue to the edge of the egg and snap the bottom piece in to place.  You can mix egg colors or match them as seen in the above photo.

Adjust wire loop as desired to fit tree branch - note that wire comes straight out of the top hole in egg.
The heavier gauge wire helps to prevent the eggs from flipping around and getting caught up in the branches during Spring weather.  The large loops make them easier to hang while you decorate and remove after Easter.
Save the ornaments and keep adding more each year and don't worry if some get separated or broken.  You'll have plenty of spare parts next year for repairs!  This could end up being a family tradition and the kids might not leave them lying around after the candy's gone.  (We'll...we can always hope, right?)
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