Painted Wedding Shoes - Wedding Week Part Three

After I painted the Wedding Dress with Dahlias (previous post - Wedding Week Part Two) I decided to paint a pair of matching shoes.  What woman doesn't want a pair of beautiful shoes?  My SIL, Elena, very kindly gave me a pair of shoes to decorate.
Wedding Shoes painted with Dahlias-copyright Cindy Rippe 2011
I used the Pentel Red Gel Roller for Fabric again.  The only problem I had was that after I sketched the flower on the first shoe I had to get the pattern off of it and reverse it for the other shoe.  (Reminder to self: Don't free hand a design on an uneven surface if you need to repeat it.)

I added Black Satin Ribbon and a bow using my favorite glue for fabric -  Beacon Adhesive's Fabri-Tac.  It grabs hold right away and stays on.  Perfect for a pair of shoes that would probably see lots of dancing at the Wedding Reception!

Close up of Dahlia on Dyeable shoes - copyright Cindy Rippe 2011

The music may have stopped but my heart beats to another tune, this rhythm called love.  ~A.C. Van Cherub

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