Snowflakes and A Day at Home

Well we made it through the Blizzard of 2011.  
View from my front window.  I love this tree and I'm glad it weathered the storm.
Even though we lost power for 15 hours we were lucky that most of that time was while we slept.  Cozy and warm under a collection of quilts and an excuse to sleep late! That part was nice.  A rare mid-week day off with Lee was nice too! 
The wind was so strong it blew the drifts away from this side of the cars.
Shoveling and cleaning off the cars wasn't fun but that worked out OK too with some help from our neighbor, Adolph, and eventually a sympathetic pick up truck driver with a plow. (After the city plow reburied our parking spaces).
Our Garden Shed and Rose Arbor.  Lots of flowers waiting under that snow!
So grateful that we had no major damage and had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Winter.  I am totally ready for it to be gone though!  Come on Spring!  There are perennials waiting to grow!
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