Remember When - Wedding Shower Decor from the 70s

As part of my plan to "ReOrganize"  in 2011 I spent some time cleaning off the shelf with photo albums today.  After we spent some time laughing  at ourselves, we remembered how nice it was that our friends and family were so generous for our wedding.  We ended up having 3 Wedding Showers and each one was decorated a little different. We really appreciate all the effort they made to make the parties special.  I thought you might enjoy a look back at what was popular back then!
Paper nut cups wrapped with lots of tulle and curling ribbon for favors.  There were probably pillow mints inside the cups.
A popular cake at that time was the Double Wedding Ring.  I like the little bride and groom on the left and the bridesmaids on the right.  I might still have those in my Memory Box, you never know!  Notice the satin ribbon bows on the candlestick on the left side.  That was a recurring theme at all the parties. 
A decorated umbrella and "chair of honor" decorated by my friends Lauri and Jeanette.  They sure made me feel like a princess that day.  This was really considered "over the top" decor back then.  Of course, Lauri's little poodle thought the chair of honor was for her!

Opening gifts under the umbrella with my sister, Bev, making a list of the gifts for the Thank You notes.
I'm sure all of you crafters and quilters will appreciate this gift.  It's a quilt made by Lee's Grandmother and hand quilted by her, Lee's Mom (Alice) and even has a few stitches added by Lee when he was really young.  What a treasure - 3 generations.

And finally; here we are at one of the other parties.  We were SO YOUNG!  I think Lee's hair was longer than mine is now!  What kind of fun memories can you dig up?
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