Autumn Napkin Folds: Crown fold

I'm thinking about how we'll decorate the table for Thanksgiving this year and thought you might want to see a few of my experiments.  A few weeks ago I decided to play with some of the fall leaves and flowers that were still "hanging in there" before the first frost.  I used a golden orange napkin and made a Crown Fold.  Lee and I took a walk around the block and collected the leaves. It was a really pleasant evening and I enjoyed the walk even more than playing with the napkins.
I stacked and then tucked 3 different colors of Maple Leaves in the first one.
Little Marigolds filled the pocket of the second one.  Pretty but doesn't have the best scent for a tablescape.
And, finally, this bunch of Pin Oak leaves were my favorite.

NOTE:  When you use fresh botanicals, especially those from outdoors, wash and dry them by swishing each bunch in a bucket of water to remove any little critters that might be hiding.   Trim the bunches to make them look a little better and lay them on a few paper towels to air dry before adding them to the napkins.

To make the Crown Fold stand up, use a starched or heavier weight napkin.  Iron each fold to create this shape.  Fold and iron all the napkins one step at a time.  First fold: all the napkins, Second fold: all the napkins, etc.  
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