Playing with Paints

I recently received a sample of Pentel Arts Wet Erase Chalk Markers.  Oh boy!  I plan to design some "Front Door Decor" with it.  But first I decided to see if I could use it on the back of my clear glass dinner plates.  If it works it would be great to personalize a tablescape.  So I took a few minutes to play with them and here are my thoughts.
This is the back of the plate. 
TULIP: I used the corner of the chisel point marker to outline the the petals and leaves.  I tried to fill in the green with the marker but it caused the first layer to smear a little.  (It might not have been dry enough but I figured it was because I rewet the linework with pressure)  Then I created a puddle of paint by pressing the marker against my palette paper and used a brush to spread the liquid paint over the line work.  Much better!  I was even able to blend edges of the the orange and red markers to create a little shading on the petal.
LARGE ORANGE FLOWER:  I used the Jumbo markers to block in the color of the large flower and then did a loose outline with a chisel point marker.  Quick and Easy!
BALLOONS:  I used the same technique to outline the balloons and then used the brush to fill in the colors with paint from the puddle that I created by pressing the marker onto my palette.

This is the front of the plate.
Creating the linework first is a very basic method of reverse glass painting.  The end result is neater since you don't have to be so perfect when filling in the colors. If you look closely at the balloons you'll see what I mean.  The back is messy but you don't see that on the front.

I could have been a little neater with the linework but I was "playing".
Can you see where I blended the orange and red on the petals?  You can also see where I smeared the black on the leaf before switching to a brush for this layered technique.
After it was dry I used it to eat lunch on and just like the packaging says - it washed right off with a wet paper towel.  It was durable enough to carry around like you would do for buffet service and kids would probably have a blast decorating a plate to eat off of at a party.  If you want to add a name or any other specific design you can just tape your reversed pattern to the front of your plate while you work. Fun!
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