Painting plates for Easter

I have a set of glass plates that I decorate according to whatever party theme I'm working on.  It's cheaper than buying multiple sets of dinnerware and pretty easy to do!  I mix DecoArt Americana Acrylic paints with Sta-Flo liquid starch and sponge the mixture on the back. I prop each plate on a bowl after painting.
I did two coats on this set.  Of course, I thought I'd be really creative and paint white tulips on the front first.  Didn't work......they blended away when I started sponging.  I'll try something else next time.
I let them dry overnight before using.  I like to wipe the front of the plate off with a mild solution of vinegar and water to clean them since we'll be eating from them!  There's usually finger smudges and sometimes a little paint.  After the party is over I use a paper towel to wipe the paint off after soaking the plates in warm water for a few minutes.
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