Removing Paint from my plates

I've been using my "temporary paint" mix on the back of the same glass plates for a few years now and I don't think I ever showed you how to remove it.
1. Hand wash the plates after your event.  As you wash them place a paper towel or napkin between each plate and set aside until the next day (or in one case for me - after a few weeks).
2. Soak the entire stack of plates in warm soapy water for about 10 minutes.

Note: The paint will stick to the paper napkin and sometimes almost falls right off of the plate.
3. Sometimes you'll have to use your fingers to rub it all little but it's not hard to do.  There is a soap in liquid starch so when it gets wet it helps the paint to slide right off.  It's very interesting to me that it also acts as a glue and holds the fabric to my kitchen walls and paper to other temporary projects around my house.
4. Use the paper towel to gather up the loose paint and throw it in the trash can.  You don't want to wash it down the drain.  Dried acrylic paint is rubbery and large amounts could clog your plumbing.
5. Rinse the plates clean and redecorate another time!
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