Snowflake Sugar Cookies

"There's a storm a comin'!" We've got a snowstorm headed our way tonight so I thought it would fun to share the Snowflake sugar cookies that I made.  They were pretty easy to do.  You can find the recipes for the cookies and royal icing here.

Just as I remember my Grandma and Mom doing, I cut out the dough with a glass from my kitchen.  After they cooled, I made the royal icing and tinted half of the icing light blue with gel food coloring.  (Dip the tip of a toothpick into the gel and add a little at a time.  You don't need much for pastel colors.)  I put the icing in pastry bags and used a #3 round decorator tip for the blue and a #2 for the snowflake lines. The snowflake design is easy.  Make the large lines first with two X's that cross each other.  Add the smaller lines and a sprinkling of sugar.

No need for perfect lines or expert decorating skills.  They were so cute and tasted great!
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