Homemade Bread for Lunch

The only creative thing I've had time for today was to redesign the blog.  Between household chores I learned how to make a new header from my own photo and how to make it fit on the page (it took much longer than I thought).

I'm showing you my lunch because Mom made homemade bread yesterday and I wanted to use my Marjolein Bastin Christmas plate one more time before packing it away.  It's snowing like crazy outside and that makes me think of soup. I made Hearty Tomato Soup and a toasted Montery Jack Cheese sandwich.

Isn't the plate pretty?  No, I don't usually add a sprig of evergreen to my place setting when I'm eating alone.  I used it for my blog header and I thought it would make the picture look prettier for you!

Mom's hands have made many loaves of bread over the years!

So tasty.  She says it's a perfect loaf when there no large air bubbles.  We are a lucky family!
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