A Baby Shower theme that started with a Bracelet - Part One

This shower would be hosted by three people, Sarah's cousin Melissa, her Aunt Elena and me.  Since we would all be working together we were able to divide up jobs and help each other with all the projects.  I recommend having help for a large event like this if you want to do so many special touches.  After gathering the guest list, we found a location and set date for the party.  Aunt Linda, Grandma and Nani really helped out with that.  I just wanted to mention this up front because most of the large events that I do are a success because I don't do it all alone.  "Many hands make light work!"

So... how did I come up with a theme for Sarah's Baby Shower and how did it all come together?

Many times new parents have a specific theme planned for the nursery.  It's easy to design a baby shower around a cartoon character, trucks & cars or a even a garden themed room.  It's common to already know the sex and possibly even the name of the baby before it's born. After talking to Sarah and Jason several times; this is what I learned.  They didn't know if they were having a boy or girl, they both love words and reading, planned on painting the nursery green, her favorite flowers are hydrangeas and peonies and she loved the look of shiny mixed pastel plates on a crisp white tablecloth. I spent alot of time thinking about a theme since Sarah is my daughter in law and the new baby would be our first Grandchild! 

It all started with a baby bracelet.  It was so cute! The little beads could be assorted pastels.  The letter beads were a classic style suitable for a boy or girl and I could string the beads myself and attach it to a card.

I used the die cut machine to cut out the B (for baby) from embossed cardstock and found textured green paper that matched the wall color.  The small card size was based on the size of the die cut. It took a long time to make so many invitations but it was a labor of love.

A random trip to Ikea and I see the perfect solution for centerpieces.  Small round glass vases in assorted pastel colors.  They look like beads!  I'll be able to get future use out of them and they'll be lovely with peonies down the center of the tables.

Next:  The search for pastel plates and "What in the world are you going to do with liquid starch?"
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