Why I do what I do: A Disclaimer of sorts

I think this should probably be listed as a disclaimer or something but here are a few of my thoughts about my projects for parties.

Julie's Baby Shower Breakfast

I'm an artist and designer.  I like pretty things, think creatively, love to display items in an artistic way, and love to do research and problem solve. When planning a party I like to give that little "extra touch" when time (or money) allows and realize that I can't always do that!  You'll find that most of my projects are actually very easy to do and inexpensive.

This doesn't work for everyone.  Lives are busy and lots of you have no interest in DIY decorating, baking or taking the time for extra clean up.  However, I like to do it.  I like to figure out ways to make things creatively.  I want my guests to know that I think they are special enough to go a little overboard with the decorating and food.  And I don't do this for every event or judge someone who can't or isn't interested in doing so much!  I love getting together with family and friends for meals, etc.  If good food is served from a take out box on thin paper plates I think it's great!  I love the fact that someone took extra time out of their schedule to bake a cake, make appetizers, stop at the store on the way home from work for chips & dip or even just clean off the dining room table for us to gather around.

Yum!  Pizza Night - Our monthly family gathering

I like to use "real" plates and flatware whenever possible at parties.  It just feels better I guess.  I don't like to have a plastic fork break while eating and, while there are wonderful designs and colors on printed paper plates, I tend to use them for dessert only. I love using cloth napkins, and have been designing patterns for personalizing them, but it can be easier to use nice paper napkins instead.  I know, I know, that means there will be laundry or dishes to do after the party and sometimes that plastic fork is just perfect!  Usually a few family members gather in the kitchen to clean up the worst of the mess.  It's very nice to help (or be helped) with the clean up but I don't mind just stacking the plates and using cleanup time to reflect on the event when I do them myself. Sometimes a dish will get broken, a fork disappears or tablecloth gets stained.  I don't freak out about it.  I don't collect things to dust. I collect them to USE!

I also like to learn and share ideas on etiquette, food, and craft projects in general. You'll see lots of "how to" posts here in the future.  I'm a teacher at heart.

So if you are the type of person that loves to create, you'll like some of my ideas.  If you think they are a waste of time, that's OK too. Enjoy the pretty pictures and some day there might be a project that inspires you to be creative. Hopefully I've given you the help you need do it yourself!
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