Quick and Easy Dessert Buffet

Do you wonder what to serve for friends and family that have decided to diet as a part of their New Year's resolution?  I have a friend that has Diabetes and was trying very hard to control what she ate.  At the last minute I came up with this quick and easy low sugar treat for her Birthday.  I grabbed a few items from around the house and made a simple yet elegant display that made her feel very special!

I purchased one bag of frozen, mixed berries and a sugar free chocolate cake.  

I put some of the mixed berries in a tiny bowl and saved a few perfect blackberries for garnish. The rest of the berries were simply pureed in my blender with a few teaspoons of water to make a "no sugar added" sauce. This was a way to add sweetness and add another layer of flavor without frosting the cake.

Let's see; it took me about 15 minutes to grab a vintage eyelet dresser scarf, a few dessert plates, one wine glass, a little plastic planter tray, my brown cake stand, a garland of silk flowers, forks and a cake server plus my little cast iron angel off of the kitchen shelf.  Everything fit in one easy to carry box.

When I got to the office I quickly sliced the cake and arranged it on the plate with the bowl of berries in the center. I poured the sauce into the glass and set up my tablescape.  The cake stand added a bit of height, the angel added a bit of whimsy and the table runner with the simple garland added texture and interest while pulling the entire grouping together.

I didn't plan it but the angel holding the cake server was a perfect touch. So cute!

YUMMY!  All the goodness with no added sugar.  Enjoy!
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