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I like to change out the centerpiece on my kitchen table pretty often. It's where I start my day with my devotional, planner and sketchbook. The design will depend on the season, flowers or plants, if I have them, and whatever I grab from around the house. From December through January I like to include "snow" (kosher salt sometimes scattered with white glitter) "ice" (in this case acrylic snowflakes and a small wreath covered with crystals) and usually some garden or botanical element (the Amaryllis is finally blooming - YEAH!). I was so excited to get this cake stand from Jason & Sarah for Christmas. I have lots of ideas for centerpiece themes. The wrought iron birds were on my deck last summer. What a cozy place to spend the winter! I found the Amaryllis bulb at the local hardware store on clearance for $2.50! It was already growing in the box, crooked and a bit stunted but I think it likes it's new home! I'm sure you can guess the focus of this week's 30 minute sketch a day!
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