CHA Tablescapes

I've been finalizing the details for the CHA event, Celebrations! Designer Tablescapes. It's been fun working with the other Designers and "watching" their themes develop. I can't wait to see them all "live" at the show.

The display should be fabulous. They keep telling me how much fun they are having designing and creating the projects. It's been the same for me for the last few years. I love choosing a theme and developing it into a special event.
What's even more special for me is the fact that my Daughter-in-Law, Sarah, has discovered she IS "crafty after all" and has become an expert at cookie making and card crafting. We've really enjoyed working together on many unique concepts over the last year and she will be helping with the Tablescape setup at the show. At first, I would direct her on the technical and artistic aspect of our designs, but she's getting really good! Look for future co-author projects from us in creative industry publications.

Here's picture of one of our invitations. It's for a surprise 30th birthday party with a beer/root bear theme.

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