Designer Tablescape Display

I've been spending alot time over the last two months on the Designer Tablescape Display for CHA. As the Design Coordinator, it's been my job to invite CHA Designer members to form a team, choose a theme and work together to create an "over the top" tablescape. The idea is to show what you can do with products from the creative industries. Of course we don't expect that everyone will want to make a 3 foot tall centerpiece or create every item that is shown. We are working within a really huge trade show space. What we do hope to do is to inspire someone to add even one handcrafted item to a special dinner or party. All of the projects are going to be available for publication by contacting the individual designers.

I can't wait to see what everyone has created. The descriptions that we put into the brochure sound amazing! I can't thank them enough for their hard work and creativity. I hope it's a success for all involved.

I've enjoyed working with Keri Cunningham from CHA to make all the arrangements and set the scene for the display. I've chosen black and white with tabletop and party themed line art as our backdrop. This should show all the colorful tablescape themes to their best advantage. The brochure is ready for the printer and thanks to Kelly Hoernig, who helped me turn all that text and my illustrations into a professional graphic file ready for the printer, it will be a valuable resource to the show attendees.

I'll try to post some pictures after the event is over. Most of the designs will be seen later in publications and are copyright protected so I can't include any details. But hey! That will give you something to look forward to in your favorite creative lifestyle magazine or book!

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