Baby Shower for Julie and Joe

We did a Baby Shower for Julie and Joe. The color scheme was Chocolate Brown and Pink (as you can see by the pictures I guess). I like to use baby blankets, sheets and other gifts for the baby to decorate the tablescape instead of using traditional tablecloths.

To follow through with the "gifts for baby" decor, I adapted a baby doll for the centerpiece by adding a brown bow, fleece blanket and ribbon trim with FabriTac glue. I used a sheet of scrapbook paper as a placemat.
Sarah and I like to design cakes, cookies and invites together. She made the cake and cookies using fondant for the diaper and heads of the diaper pins. The cake was iced first with buttercream frosting.
To make the cookies yourself: Bake oval sugar cookies. Flood the top with white royal icing. Cut the pink fondant into a half circle and then cut another small circle on the edge. Tint the royal icing grey and use the # 1 round tip to draw the metal part of the pin. Glue the fondant onto the cookie with leftover royal icing.

Since this was a brunch we repackaged blueberry muffin mix in gift bags and added a cute tag with "Julie has a bun in the oven" for the party favors.

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