Weddings and Baby Showers

It's that time of year! Lots of wedding and baby showers. I did a little trend research yesterday and while at Babies R Us talked to customer service associates at the Gift Registry counter. They said the color that most parents are registering for is green. That makes sense. It's neutral and can be accented with lots of other colors. This goes with the theme I've chosen to design with so I'm ready to go with the baby items that I'll be painting with the Pentel Arts Fabric Fun! I'll update you later as I progress. We've started planning weddings for my niece Julie, and her fiance Joe, in Maui this October and for my son Jon, and his fiance, Tawn in July of 2008. Both are very different and sound wonderful! You just know that I'm excited to help out and have lots of ideas for them! Well, back to work organizing the CHA Designer Tablescape Display. I'm the Design Coordinator for the event and that's my job today........coordinating paperwork! I'm anxious to start working on my own display and happy that participating designers are as excited as I am about the event. (Yep, I get to participate too! Good thing since I've been working in that direction for the last two years...Yeah!)
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