Mother's Day Brunch and Home Dec advice

I just got back from a very pleasant brunch hosted by some of the women in our church. It's the first of what they hope will be an annual event. We ate cute little tea sandwiches, salads, desserts and, of course, drank tea if we wanted. The color theme was lavender and yellow and the centerpieces were mum plants. Very sweet. I got to spend the afternoon with some of the important women in my life and the money raised went to the "New Broiler" fund for the church. Thanks so much ladies for all the hard work planning and preparing the food for the event.

After lunch we enjoyed a presentation by Darlene Murray of Interiors for Life. Darlene gave us down to earth home decorating ideas and shopping advice. Her sense of humor and willingness to share was appreciated by all of us. I saw several women writing down notes and discussing ways to incorporate her advice in their own homes.

Here's Darlene's advice for a color mistake in your room. Whether it's too dark, too bright or if the color comes out looking fuchsia instead of the rich burgundy you had it mind; don't live with it! "It's just paint. Buy a gallon of primer, cover up the color you don't like and repaint! A few hours of work will make you happier for the years that you will enjoy the room."

She talked about mixing styles and materials for photo frames. There was a mixed feeling about that as some people like to have all the frames match and others like the variety. I like to have some of each. A gallery style display with identical frames like the Lancaster Gallery Collection allows the photos to take center stage while a mix of vintage photo frames and mirrors can create an ecclectic focal point on your wall or tabletop.
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