Traveling to Michigan

Kelly and I spent the day traveling to Traverse City yesterday. It took us a few hours longer than it should have. We missed an exit and ended up in close to Ann Arbor. Oops. Busy talking and designing. We did have a good time talking though and finalized plans for some designs that we are working on together.

We had a wonderful evening. Kathye made fondue. We deep fried steak, chicken, shrimp and lots of vegetables. My favorites were the chicken and broccoli. I've only used a fondue pot for chocolate so this was a new experience for me. I think I'll get myself a new electric pot so we can do this at home. The act of communal cooking really makes for fun table conversation and extends the dining experience. You should try it!

After dinner Steve started a fire and we sat around the fireplace drinking Michigan wine and playing with Bella, their new Yellow Lab. She's nine weeks old and a cutie. Biting on my toes right now as I'm typing. Hey, go play with your toys Bella!

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