Traverse City trip review

Well, I'm home... so glad to spend time with my friends and creatively recharged. Thanks Steve and Kathye for a wonderful stay and thanks Kelly for doing the driving.

While visiting the shops in Traverse City on Tuesday I came across a few finds. First, I found a folding - three tiered buffet server at The Nest. It's a simple design made from wrought iron and will hold your plates or bowls. I bought a few fun spoons for myself. The spoons are bent to sit on the edge of your cup here's a picture of one. The pattern is New Wave Caffe.
Kelly and I continued our designing on the trip home and did a little trend research while I went through my magazine stash. You should continue to see lots of texture on all surfaces, nature and ego friendly inspired designs and a palette that includes colors that I call bright pastels. Not too soft, but not as strong as some of the bright colors we've been seeing this spring. Grey is really growing as base color and blue or green represent the nature trend. There's more but the most important trend that I see is that we aren't afraid to break traditional design rules to get the look that makes us happy! Mixing design styles and using unconventional colors themes really shows up on tabletop decor. New brides like to buy a very simple pattern or solid color dinnerware that will act as a backdrop for the patterns and colors that they want to change out from meal to meal.
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