Shopping for Surfaces to Paint On

The search was on for fabric surfaces to paint on. (I mentioned the FabricFun pastel dye sticks the other day. I had so much fun with them that I can't wait to do more! In fact, I'll be selling them soon.) I went shopping for the Christmas project surfaces yesterday. While there seems to be a revival of T Shirt painting at the craft stores, and you can buy plain t-shirts everywhere, it was difficult to find baby clothes that don't already have a pattern on them. I can find plenty of plain white but very few colors. In order to buy the red "bodysuit" that I wanted, I had to buy a package of assorted prints along with it. If you know of a source for plain baby clothes please let me know. I did find table runners and napkins that I wanted at Walmart, but again, I was limited in color choices at all the stores I shopped at. So. . . . while I was out shopping, I got a peek at the new Martha Stewart craft line at Michael's. Not bad, not bad at all! Her design team certainly did their research. She covers paper crafting, paper storage, and entertaining/celebrations. Everything is finished in classic Martha style with an updated look. I liked the cupcake and cookie boxes as well as the paper storage line. My eye immediately went to the "Celebrate" sign (the Art in Entertaining connection!) but that part of the display wasn't set up yet. I also liked the over-sized sheets of paper. They remind me of printed scrapbook papers but I think they are 18" square. I booked my At Home America show today. Thanks Bev! It will be May 12th. Getting the invitations ready now and looking forward to ordering that cupcake stand! Okay.....I'm off and running for the day. So much to do, and so happy to be doing it!
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