Tea Party for Bella's Dolls

Mini Tea Set, Kid's Crafts, Faber Castell, Ceramic Painting, painting with girls, Tea Party, Cindy Rippe
Painting with Isabella - Ceramic Tea set for her Dolls ©CindyRippe2013
Bella and I spent a few days together this week while her Mom and Dad worked.  We always look forward to doing at least one craft project when we have the time.  I bought this Mini Tea Party kit for her at Christmas and it was the perfect day to work on it.  This photo shows the difference in painting stages from her love of mixing layers of paint on the tea pot to the last pieces painted.  I finally convinced her to slow down a little and help me paint dip-dot flowers on the creamer and sugar bowl.

Everything was included in the kit except for the aluminum foil.  The two days together were perfect since the painted pieces need to dry for 24 hours before baking in the oven.  She knew we'd bake them after school the next day.  We placed the painted pieces on plastic wrap to dry.  The next day we put the dishes on foil on a cookie sheet in a cool oven and turned the oven to 250 degrees. After it reached temperature and then baked we let it cool down inside the oven. 

Mini Tea Set, Painting with girls, Tea party, Faber Castell Mini Tea, Ceramic Painting, American Girl Doll, Cindy Rippe
Bella serves tea to one of her American Girl dolls ©CindyRippe2013

Bella spent a very long time serving her dolls "tea" (water) and Cuties mandarin "oranges".  I found that it was best to let her use a plastic water bottle for refilling the teapot and placed everything inside a large cookie sheet lined with a dish towel.  No spills to worry about!  She used her imagination making up stories to share with her doll friends and even explained how one of them didn't like the tea and would only eat all the foods with "sugar".  She tried to tell her it was junk food but the doll didn't care.  (she was frustrated with that girl!)

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Unknown said...

So cute! I'm amazed at the imagination of little girls. My granddaughter is always "the teacher". Her mother was the same way as a child. So much fun to play school with them.

Have a great weekend!