September Flower of the Month - Aster


The Aster is September's flower of the month.  The name comes from the Greek word for Stars which is perfect for this delicate little flower.  There are more than 600 varieties available in almost every color except bright yellow and orange.  The violet, pink and white shades are most popular.

The Aster symbolizes afterthought, daintiness and love of variety. In China they symbolize fidelity.  They are also called Star flowers or Frost flowers (probably because they are one of the last to bloom before the autumn frosts).
Kim Willis -

The butterflies can't get enough of their tasty nectar that's hidden in the tiny yellow flowers clustered around the flower's center.  This row of flowers separates them from the chrysanthemum family.
Beautiful in an Autumn bouquet
 Their long stems and full flower clusters make them perfect as a filler flower in large bouquets. I love the cool touch of lavender amongst the warm autumn colors in this bouquet.

"A late summer garden has a tranquility found no other time of the year."  -   William Longgood
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