Autumn Rose and French Fold Napkins

We have a few rose bushes that always seem to compete with the fall leaves and their show of color.  Even though they bloom all summer, it's the first flowers in spring and the last few in autumn that are the sweetest to me.  I'll miss these happy yellow buds during their long winter rest.

I decided to use them to accent some brown dinner napkins.  If you do this for your guests make sure to remove the thorns from the stems and it would be nice to place a bud vase at each place setting so the flowers can decorate the table during the meal.
I used the FRENCH FOLD and turned it upside down.  A satin bow gave me a place to tuck in the stem and I like the way the folded napkin follows the curve of the stem and frames the bud.
Step 1: Fold the napkin in half into a triangle. The long, straight fold is on the left - point on the right.
Step 2: Fold the top point down and to the right of the bottom point (about 1" between the two points). This creates a new point on the right side.
Step 3: Grab the new point on the top right and fold in down and next to the second point at the bottom.  It helps if you hold on to the top left point to keep those folds in place while you pull the right point down.  Now adjust the points to be as close or far apart as you'd like.

This simple, yet elegant, fold is traditionally draped across the plate with the points facing the dinner guest.  Enjoy!
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