Ravinia Festival: Music and Munchies

We recently had the chance to attend our first concert at Ravinia.  Our kids bought us tickets to the Moody Blues concert for our 35th wedding anniversary.  The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed the time spent with Jason and Sarah.  Of course we enjoyed listening to the concert!
We've been fans of the Moody Blues since the early 70's and have attended over 20 of their concerts so you can imagine how nice this was for us!
We had Lawn Seats which is part of the "experience" for Ravinia.  People pack picnic lunches and bring all the portable comforts of home for an evening under the stars.  Although it's crowded, you feel like you are in your own little world.  After setting up our space  Lee and I took a walk around the park. Jason and Sarah have attended several concerts/picnics and encouraged us to "check things out."

It's a beautiful venue with gardens, places to eat, shop and a wonderful Pavilion with traditional concert seating.
Many of the picnic spaces had the same small table that we have and simple centerpieces and tablecloths helped to make the evening special.  This little plastic jug with flowers and a red tablecloth added a bright pop of color to this picnic.  Inexpensive, easy to transport and the snacks look yummy!  Candles of all types (including Citronella) are encouraged and added a cozy touch to the evening.
Sarah told me that during some of the concerts (orchestras, etc) the picnics take on a more "upscale" look and silver candelabras like this are the norm.  I loved the combination of paper plates, bags of chips and the fancy silver together.  This group was really having a good time.

We were so busy that we actually pulled our own menu and tablescape together the afternoon before we left for the concert.  Sarah and I did our usual phone "planning" session and prepared a delightful picnic that made for a very special evening.  

Here's a list of the "Top Ten things to bring to Ravinia" that I found on their website.
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