New Dishes

I scored some new tableware by shopping garage sales and the Kane County Flea Market last week.  I haven't done that for a while, feeling a little guilty about our limited storage space, but I couldn't resist the bargains that I found.  The first set was a mixed box of Wawel china made in Poland.  The two patterns; Rosecrest and Bouquet look great together and will be fun to mix and match with my other dishes. There were over 40 pieces in the set with an elaborate sugar bowl but sadly no creamer.  The search is on!  But I'll probably not get so lucky with the price. 
I tucked in a few flowers from my Korean Lilac bush.  We planted it last year and love the delicate and fragrant blooms.  Our French Lilac is just finishing so it's nice that this one blooms a little later.
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