Happy Tulips - Sad Daffodils

The sun is FINALLY shining again and my tulip bed is happy!  It's actually a bed of tightly packed perennials and bulbs but we call it the Tulip Bed.  One year my Mom ordered several collections of tulip bulbs and we found them on Nov 30.  I dug a big oval in the yard and started dropping them into the dirt.  It took me two days to create that original bed.  Just as I was spreading the last layer of dirt over the bulbs it started snowing (Dec 1st) and, no kidding, it snowed so hard that I didn't see the dirt until the snow melted in the spring.
We've added lots of different perennials since that bloom from early spring through fall.  There are daffodils that bloom before the tulips but they took a hit with the cold weather we had last week.  You can see some of the multi-petal ones on the left side of this picture. 
They were laying in the dirt with lots of broken stems, poor things, so I'll bring them in and put them in a vase.
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