Part Five - Baby Shower - Beaded Bracelet Theme - Games

I thought I'd finish out the posts on this Baby Shower with the games. 

 Elena created the a guessing game with really cute Scrapbooking supplies. I don't remember the designer or manufacturer but would love to update with that information if you know it.

We made a 15 minute Diaper Cake (really....I forgot to put it together until the last minute!) so it's a little shabby looking but Sarah liked it anyway.  We rolled up the diapers, tied ribbon around the layers to hold them together and decorated the cake with Scrapbook stickers.  For a nicer version of the diaper cake, check out my article on the Creative Home Arts Club website.

I set up a station in the back of the room with Fabric Painting supplies, onesies and bibs. This is Suzanne painting a Onsie for the baby's first 4th of July. (We go to her house for the parade each year.) The guests could wander over there and spend a few minutes making the baby a personalized memento and play with the Fabric Fun Dye Sticks and Gel Roller pen for Fabric. One of my favorite products. So easy to use and very permanent.  Look for my original designs and patterns soon.

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