Cricut Cake - a new product at the Craft and Hobby Show this week

The CHA Show is this weekend and one of the exciting products that's being introduced is the cricut Cake machine. I'd love to have one of these!  I wonder if you can create original designs?

For more information; go to Cricut Cake and sign up for email updates.

I understand you can use the Cricut Cake with gumpaste. There are cake designers that have figured out ways to cut fondant and mixtures of gumpaste with electronic cutters meant for paper crafting.  The product that I love is Sugarveil and I'm sure it would work great in the Cricut machine.  You mix it with water and spread it thin to air dry.  At a certain point in the drying time it becomes flexible yet not sticky and you can cut it with scissors or, as shown in the picture above, with paper punches. 

Here's the link to a great Sugarveil video where they show you how to cut out intricate designs using an electronic cutter.
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