Thinking of Christmas Projects already ?!

Last week I worked at the NAMTA show in Chicago for Pentel Arts. (National Art Materials Trade Association) I used watercolor crayons, a brush that holds water in the barrel, assorted brush pens and more. I'm used to these products and was able to adapt my painting style easily to them. Here's a rose that I did with the Aquash Watercolor set. The products I did not looking forward to using were the fabric painting tools. Fabric painting, in general, has always been on the bottom of my list. But this was something entirely different. I was able to outline my design with a Roller Gell pen for fabric and fill it in with Fabric Fun dye sticks. It was really easy! Trace n Paint! The pen wrote easily even on terry cloth bibs. The pens are permanent and machine washable when dry but the Fabric Fun has to be heat set. Simple enough with an iron and pressing cloth. I can't wait to get started on projects for publication with this product.

Believe it or not, it's time to submit Christmas projects to the magazines. I'm concentrating my design efforts on tabletop and party items so I think it will be a Christmas themed table runner and napkins. And just for fun; a cute baby shirt or "onesie" (this could be given at a baby shower - I'm not stretching too far from my tabletop theme) Suzanne helped me with a few appropriate phrases since she's a young Mom so it looks like that will be next.

Let's see; painting demonstration job leads to a unique table runner project and painting on baby clothes. Ahhh... the Art in Entertaining connection!

Have a great day!
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