Indoor Summer T-Shirt Project - Great for a Child's Party

After a morning outside in the Summer heat I thought it would be a good idea to have an indoor project  ready for the girls.  Pentel Arts - Fabric Fun Dye Sticks and white T-Shirts were the answer.
This would be a great party activity and becomes the party favor for attendees.  (I just remembered the first time I did this for a party was at Bella's Momma's Baby Shower 4 years ago!)
Fabric Dye Sticks - T-Shirt project - ©2012 Cindy Rippe

It's best to pre-wash the shirts or use an older shirt with stains that you want to cover up.  Prep the shirts by ironing a large sheet of freezer paper inside which will stabilize the fabric and create a smooth surface for drawing.  Then just let the kids draw whatever they want with the Fabric Fun.

I used the Gel Roller Pen for Fabric to write names and add a few simple details (or in Bella's case, helped her write her own name).

These Dye Sticks can be washed out of fabric before they are heat set, if there is a mistake (or they end up somewhere they don't belong), which makes them perfect for kids.  The Gel Roller Pens are permanent immediately so are NOT so good for kids to use on their own but are great with adult supervision.

After the artwork is completed, set the dyes by ironing for a few minutes while the kids eat dessert. (Use a pressing cloth or paper to cover the drawings and protect the iron , use a hot setting - cotton). When the shirts are cool the kids love to peel the paper off and will probably put the shirts on right away!
©Bella's Happy Colors - 2012

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