Last Minute Wine and Cheese

I went out to the deck, after a long stressful week, with a new magazine to wait for Lee to come home from work.  All of the sudden I realize it's the first evening that it's warm enough to actually sit out and relax!  I jumped up and checked the fridge to see what we had for an appetizer. Just a little bit of cheese, some dried cherries and crackers.  Yes!  The bottle of wine we chilled a few months ago is still waiting for us. 

No planning, no elaborate prep, but 15 minutes later I decided to cut a few hosta leaves and add a centerpiece to the table because it looked so nice.  As I was cutting the leaves Lee pulled up. Perfect timing!

We even got our daily exercise in on our walk to Giuseppi's to pick up a dinner to share.  Lit a fire, invited the neighbors over and stayed outside till 11pm eating chocolates, drinking wine, and catching up with friends.

"The little things?  The little moments?  They aren't little." -  John Zabat-Zinn 


Molly Smith said...

Loved reading this, Cindy! What a nice evening and your photo looks perfectly gorgeous. We need reminding from time to time about the little moments. Thanks!

Cindy Rippe said...

Thanks for stopping by Molly. So glad you enjoyed the post and photo!