Amaryllis and Success - Flower Meanings

I think that Amaryllis is my favorite Christmas flower. I used to grow a few every year and really need to get back to doing that for myself.


There are many symbolic meanings for the Amaryllis. The one that I choose this month is: "Symbolic of success won after a struggle. These were often given in recognition of a job well done – particularly in scholastics, writing, and artistic endeavors." (source -

I think I'll buy one today.  I deserve it. (that was a rare pat on the back)  And my friend needs one too.  For encouraging me and not giving up on me.  Thanks Kelly.  You deserve one for your own success as well!

My personal success list for 2011 includes:

 - I am happy to be enjoying art and creativity again after one of those struggles that artists go through sometimes. I've submitted some great classes for conventions and look forward to sharing my love of botanical and inspirational art again next year.

- I had the opportunity to look back through 30 years of my sketches and completed artwork last week. Wow...there is so much!

- My "one pound a week" is finally starting to show!

The Amaryllis is the perfect flower to celebrate my success! I hope that you are ending this year with your own "job well done"!

 "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."       2 Chronicles 15:7
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