Hello Kitty Party Projects for PreTeens

 As promised here are the details for the Hello Kitty Projects seen in my previous post.
Hello Kitty Journal - Cindy Rippe

I used the Westcott Brand® Titanium Bonded Non Stick Scissors to cut The Duck Brand® Duct Tape Sheets and Tape Rolls and cover the journal.  I folded the tape upon itself to create the tag and attached it to the cover with VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners.  A little bit of ribbon trim and a heart charm add just the right amount of whimsey.
Inside Cover of Hello Kitty Journal with Pocket - Cindy Rippe
After covering the inside cover with the printed duct tape, I made a pocket by leaving most of the backing material on the sheet of duct tape (to allow for a non-stick area).  I decorated the top edge with the printed tape and trimmed the backing away on the sides and bottom edge of the pocket to stick it to the book. 
Mini Hello Kitty Pennant - Cindy Rippe
To make the Mini Pennant I just folded pieces of the printed tape over a length of narrow ribbon and trimmed each into a triangle shape.
Hello Kitty Hair Bow made from duct tape - Cindy Rippe
and finally; I made a small bow from the tape and used a hair clip to attach it to the gift bag.  I cut two slits through white card stock topper and the bag using the Westcott Hobby Knife.   Favor bag decoration and a cute hair accessory in one!
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I was provided with samples from Westcott Brand Cutting Tools, Duck Brand Duct Tape and VELCRO Brand Hook and Loop fasteners for this Blog Hop and enjoyed designing with them all.  Thank you to all the participating sponsors and to Marisa Pawelko Craft Designer & Founder of Modern Surrealist for organizing this project.

Westcott Brand is the official sponsor of the October Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop! The Non Stick Scissors really did work great with all the adhesives.  I look forward to using them in future projects.  Here's a little information about the Cutting Tools that I used.

Westcott Brand® Scissors are the WORLD’S FAVORITE SCISSORS™ meaning Westcott sells more scissors than any other manufacturer in the world!
Westcott Brand® Titanium Bonded Non Stick Scissors are the BEST Non Stick Scissors on the market that never get stuck and can easily cut through Sticky Back VELCRO®, Duck Tape and multiple layers of fabric and other materials!
Titanium bonded blades are 3 times harder than stainless steel and never need sharpening!
Westcott Brand® Cutting Tools have the best performance! The 3” scissors can even cut through 5 layers of fabric!
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" Life is not a written book you can pick up and read.
It is a journal waiting for you to fill it's pages." 
Dana Atkin

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