Gladiola Centerpieces

Continuing with my August Flower of the Month post.

After I purchased my Gladiolus from the Farmer's Market I arranged them in a huge vase.
Did I remember to take a picture?  No... sorry.  Here's a photo, from,except mine were all a soft peach color.
White Gladiolus in a Glass Vase - Traditional arrangement
Loved it - Enjoyed it while it lasted- but I know that you can do so much more with Gladiolus. I've used the single flowers before.  Most of the time I float them in a shallow bowl.  I took a trip around the internet today and found a few great ideas to share.

In this arrangement the Gladiola leaves were left on and large leaves were added around the base for a nice full look.
The addition of Gerbera Daisies around the base really updates the look.
You've probably seen orchid submerged in a tall vase of water.  Gladiolus are just as beautiful but cost less. You'll need to wire the stems to putty on the bottom of the vase so they don't float.
Since the flowers are so beautiful you can use them individually in small arrangements.  Love this DIY project for decorating the vases with printed papers.
And finally; this pretty red and white arrangement.  Just fill vases with fresh cranberries and water and tuck in single white Glads.  A beautiful look for your holiday table or contemporary dining room.
Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.  ~The Koran

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