How to repair a Princess Dress

We celebrated the Royal Wedding last month and our Princess is still dressing up each day.  (She has been "all about" Princesses for a long time)  You can see the party in this earlier post. Princess Party to Celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Sometimes the dresses come out of the wash a little worse for the wear.  Yep, did the  gentle cycle, etc, etc, but the seams on this one just shredded away!  Every seam on the top of the dress fell apart.

Repairing a Princess Dress with Fabri-Tac Glue. Cindy Rippe Art in Entertaining
So how can it be fixed?  With LOTS of patience, satin ribbon and my favorite glue - FABRI-TAC by Beacon Adhesives!  Oh....and lots more patience to slowly piece everything back together, one step at a time. The glue actually sets up quickly.  It just that the fabric is so delicate and it took me a while to figure out what part should be glued to another.

There's not enough fabric to sew it back together so I trimmed the threads away, glued and reinforced each seam with Fabri-Tac and then covered the glue and added more strength to the seams by adding a layer of satin ribbon.
Princess Dress shredded fabric on side seams - Cindy Rippe Art in Entertaining
 The ripped seam actually went in three directions for this part.
Side seam of Princess Dress repaired - Cindy Rippe Art in Entertaining
Both shoulders, both side seams were open and part of the waist was open. I glued the tulle on the shoulder seams and the gathered it directly to the edge of the shoulder fabric with no ribbon.

Princess Dress repaired and ready for Princess Isabella - Cindy Rippe Art in Entertaining
Finished!  Ready for another day of imagination and play.  I don't have to worry about the glue holding.  I've used it for years to add trim to tablecloths and napkins.  It dries clear and it's washable.  Now lets see if the rest of the fabric holds up!  :)  (Oh! and no, I didn't get an endorsement for mentioning this product.)

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