Sweet Treats at the Fair

Have you ever gone to a County Fair with plans to "eat food on a stick"?  That's exactly what Lee and I did.  We didn't have lunch yet so we started with grilled corn on the cob from the local Boy Scout booth and then headed for the "professional" stands.  Lee bought "Steak on a Stick" and I chose a corn dog.  Yum!
I bought my corn dog from Clair's  Classic Treats which was right across the aisle from Chuck's Smokeshouse.
While waiting I couldn't help but notice their assortment of Caramel Apples.
I wasn't ready for dessert yet but it sure got me interested!  We'll be picking apples soon so I look forward to experimenting with some of these additions to a traditional caramel apple.
Caramel Apple Recipes, tips and ideas.
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