Art and the Computer

I haven't been able to work in my studio for a while. However, I've spent lots of time learning ways to use my computer and the internet to bring you creative projects and inspiration. I've finally had the time to actually understand Photoshop a little better. It's been on my "to do" list for years but I never really gave it the time needed to learn. Don't get me wrong, I've actually been using it AND creating projects with it off and on over the years, but I was doing everything the hard way. I've even spent time and money on classes (once a spent $100 for a one hour lecture that apparently was over my head at the time). The trigger for me to finally "get it" was through the world of Digital Scrapbooking. You can find lots and lots of free tutorials and downloads of digital elements to work with. You don't need to own an expensive software program either. There are many recommendations on the sites. I just happen to own Photoshop. The Digital Scrapbooking sites are filled with beautiful things created by artists that design themed kits. You can buy kits with background paper, journaling tags, elements (such as bows, brads, flowers, etc) to create an entire scrapbook for very little money. I've downloaded lots of free files to practice on. If you've ever resized or edited a digital photograph you understand the idea of cropping, lightening, darkening or fixing a digital file. So, you too can "do it"! I haven't really been "Scrapbooking." Mostly I create invitations and party decor and I love all the traditional scrapbook supplies I've purchased over the years so I've been combining the digital project and embellishing it with things that I glue on, or attach to the printed project. I can stamp, paint or draw on a printed digital image depending on the paper I've used to print it on. This isn't really a new concept. Many scrapbookers type their journaling on the computer, download new fonts, or print their photos at home anyway. I found out that it's called "Hybrid Scrapbooking" when you combine the digital and traditional. Ahh....the perfect combination for my love of the computer and art. point is...........I'll be adding links to some of my favorite sites (as a thank you for the free practice items) and creating projects that you can make for entertaining and special events. Just think of the possibilities! Invitations, place cards, favors, and more! You'll be able to personalize the decor and theme of any party.
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